Wednesday, March 2, 2016

Writing challenge: word roots (made with Jonaton)

When I woke up I saw a pyromaniac burning the snow away from his driveway. Which scared me because I have a severe case of pyrophobia. I remember 3 months ago I had pyrogen which is a fever. My favorite flower is a pyrola which for some reason reminds me of the word ebola. I know I should not be scared of fire but I still also remember when my teacher burned me when we were learning about pyrology.

Phobia-fear of:

Hi my name is Joe and I’ve had pyrophobia since my teacher burned me. I also have arachnophobia which is being scared of spiders. There are so many things to be afraid of like cryophobia because ice is so cold and could hurt someone. Sometimes I am a xenophobe (xenophobia) which is disliking people from other countries. Zombie are also scary, I swear some day the apocalypse is coming, some people say I have kinemortophobia.

Monday, January 4, 2016

What I will do with my one wild and precious life

Ever since I was about 6 I have had an interest in video games. I want to use my knowledge to code video games. I hope to finish my education and get into a coding school. After that just get a job and live a normal life. That's all I really intend to do with my life.

I hope to to work for a company like Nintendo, Sony, or Microsoft. I intend on living in a big mansion with my wife and no kids. Once I am retired I want to be that cool old guy who has fun with his life instead of living his life in his recliner watching TV. And I want to be well know for the things I did in my life time. So really what I want to do with my one wild and precious life is be successful and make an impact on the .

Thursday, December 17, 2015

Fantasy/horror story

The Vault

Running, running. It all happened so fast.
Just a couple seconds ago, there was a Catacomb-Tek representative telling me and my wife,“The Germans are retaliating for WW2, they are bombing the United Nations as we speak. You must go before the bomb drops. There’s a vault right outside of town.”
And that was it. After that, all I remember was running, leaving my wife, all my belongings, and my small suburban town, running to the vault. When I got there, I had nothing not even my wife but how I thought? Maybe I left her when I was running, because I was to fast, or maybe she stayed behind to gather belongings. and that was it, I went down  into the vault and it had the number 035 on it. Little did I know that was the last time I would see that town and my wife, or at least the way I was used to seeing them. When I was in the vault, there seemed to be a meeting. The same Catacomb-Tek representative from earlier was making an announcement about what was happening. I went over and heard:
“We’re going to be here for a while. We have no idea when this war will end, so get settled in and don’t expect to live to leave this vault,”
After that I left. The thought of not being able to leave this vault left chills down my spine. So I went to my assigned room. When I walked in, my robot butler Albert, from back at home, was there, but how I questioned, maybe he had robot teleporting powers. I lived my life as normal for a couple months, life in the vault was practically the same as back at home, which was perfect. It didn’t feel like I was in an underground vault, but I somehow lost all memory of home and my wife. It felt like I was forgetting something every day. But I could not complain, my life was perfect, but it still felt odd.
One day I heard strange noises. I thought it was just the radiation from before I went into the vault going to my head. After all, I was seeing strange creatures like a house cat with an extra leg coming out of its back and a bird that could speak in full sentences. On the 100th day in the vault I heard screams from the place where there was supposedly an overseer of the vault. So being my nosy self I went in. It was not easy feat, I had to climb through the venation, pass through a laser grid, and hack into a military grade fire wall. Once I got in it was a creepy sight, there were monitors with security feeds of every inch of the vault, even in places I didn’t know existed and there were buttons that did who knows what. But then I heard the lightest of footsteps coming from behind me. I looked at where they were coming from. It was a man; he had long, black, greasy hair, was about 5 foot 8 inches, and was holding a pocket knife.
“I am the overseer of this vault and no one is supposed to have found this room, it is a secret to everyone. But I had a back up plan for if anyone found it and let's just say you won’t be saying anything to anyone around here,” he said after that the room went black, and when I woke up I was strapped to a table and had at least a baker's dozen of tubes sticking out of me. I felt pain everywhere and then realized that  most of my internal organs were scattered on the table. All I could think was, “How was I still alive?”. But then maybe it was best not to think about it. I was alive and that's all that mattered.
“What is going on here and what do you want with me!” I demanded
The overseer walked over to me and said, “Fine now that you are at death's door, I can safely tell you all my plans. First, let me start with my name. I am James and I work for Catacomb-Tek, I am the overseer of this vault. These vaults were made as social experiments and a nuclear war was the perfect excuse to use them. We initially were just going to lure people into the vaults. The experiment for Vault Number 035 was to see how people reacted to mutated creatures, you might have seen some when you still were dwelling the vault. We started experimenting about 100 years ago, when you entered this vault.”
“But how am I in the same condition I started in? Why have I not aged?!” I asked with anger and confusion
“Oh right, I forgot. You’ve been knocked out for about 125 years. After I knocked you out, I preserved your body perfectly so I could do my own experiment to see the differences between someone who has not been irradiated compared to someone who has been affected by radiation. If you look over there. that’s the other specimen, the one that was affected by the radiation. She’s been dead for many years, but her body is still fresh,” said James
Then I looked over those features and those eyes that was undoubtedly my wife and the memories that I lost, just like my wife when I was running to the vault came back to me, “That is my wife, you foul creature! How did you get her anyway from what you told me I’ve been down here without my wife for 125 years, by now her body should have been turn to ash by the radiation. Anyway how are you still the same?” I stated
“I was dragged out by a radiation storm and was granted the power to never grow old, or older than I was,” James said. Then James pulled out a pocket knife covered in blood and carved his initials into my organs then painstaking put them back in.
“Why did you take those out? How am I living without them? and why did you put them back in?” I asked
“That's what I’m trying to figure out. I was done with my experiments so I took out your organs so you would die but I somehow just woke you up. maybe you were affected by the radiation in some way so you just wasted years of research. And I put your organs back in just so I could make you feel as much pain as you could” Explained James
Then all of the sudden, I somehow got off the table and ran away from that lab. Maybe I was affected by the radiation and I got some sort of super strength, because last time I checked people can’t break through thick metal cuffs. Once I was out, I should have been in my town, but it was a rundown wasteland, with irradiated creatures running rampant and no one nearby. I kept walking for miles on end and finally ran into a gang of people all wearing face masks and black robes. They looked shady, but were my only chance at survival, and for some reason they all were the same size. They didn’t talk at all except for the occasional mumble in a language I didn’t understand. But I went up in their ranks and became very influential by speaking in sign language which they seemed to understand mostly.
At one point they brought me into a vault of their own to salvage for parts because they all were too scared to go in except for one of them because he seemed to be a leader from what I could tell. Maybe he was really scared but couldn’t show it because he was a leader. It looked like an abandoned Catacomb-Tek vault. It had the number  66 on it, and a third number that was scratched out. I had a bad feeling that the scratched out number was another 6. When I walked in, it was a small room with a contraption of some sort and a bed. One of them went down with me for protection and then the door shut all of the sudden but I did not notice. I lay down in the bed because I was tired. I sunk into the bed and couldn’t get out. The guy who went down with me took off his face mask and I was horrified when I realized that it was James. I heard the door open. I figured it was the other members to protect me, but I was wrong. They all took off their masks, and they all were James. The original one who went down with me started talking:
“We are the Cult of Nightmares. The James you met in vault 035 was the original. We are all clones, and we share one mind. Ever since the war started we wanted you because the original sensed you have been affected by the radiation in ways you could never imagine. The second he saw you from his overseeing room he sensed a sort of irradiated aura from you. and we think we could extract your power. First we must put you in a permanent state of nightmare and that is precisely what this contraption does,” he started rubbing the machine “Now fellow brethren, start the sleeping chant and once he is asleep I will make him have permanent nightmares.”
“Wait, wait, wait James lied to me about everything. and you guys speak in english too?’ I asked
“Yes yes this is true but not important shall we commence,” James stated
But waaaaaaaaaaiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii…” then they started chanting the phrase, “Satan rise.” and that was it. It was a permanent nightmare I heard strange cries, Felt like a thousand arrows going straight through me and when I looked down my limbs were barely hanging from my body and I had a gaping hole in my chest, spewing blood. That was it, the same thing over and over, day in and day out. It never ended but as each second went by I felt weaker and weaker.

Thursday, November 19, 2015

Nicolas Schwam-Piacquadio Joseph story

It was a beautiful, sunny day at 7:30 AM and Joseph was almost late for school. He shoved his cereal in his mouth, he choked a bit, gulped down some milk, then rushed to his bike so he could go to school. Once he got to school there was a sign on the door that said “SCHOOL CLOSED SNOW DAY”.  But how? Maybe they mispredicted the weather, It was mostly clear and only a couple of clouds in the sky, but then it started snowing.  The snow fell harder and harder as the seconds went by. Joseph’s face grew a deep bright red, half because of the frost bite that was taking over and half because of the rage that he felt as he read the sign. He had put in his usual 20 minute commute to school in the freezing cold just to find out it was for nothing and his parents didn’t even bother to warn him. He thought about the bad luck he’d been having recently then realized, “Snow and ice in September? That can’t be right, this must be some kind of joke.”
He slipped and slid all the way home.  When he got home he found that his parents had the school district's website up on the article about school being closed,
He said to his parents, with his fists clenched and his face beet-red, “Why did you not tell me school was closed?”
Then out the corner of his eyes he saw his sister take the last of the hot chocolate, pour it into her cup, and the put the cup in the microwave. To make matters worse, his parents wouldn’t let him leave to get more hot chocolate. He then thought “It was just going to be another boring day at home with his spoiled, attention-hog sister patronizing him and his parents not caring about him at all.” he thought he would have nothing to do but sit there and watch TV mindlessly until his eyes were about to fall out of his eye sockets. He was almost ready to go outside naked so he would die from frostbite. It is the same old, same old.  His younger sister patronizing  him and him not being able to do anything about it. If he did would be in big trouble. And he was right another boring day in the boring life of Joseph
The next day the snow cleared up and melted as quickly as it had fallen.  There were still puddles on the ground and he had to goto school where he had a lousy day. He was laughed at and teased for being a teacher's pet in all of his classes except gym. In gym he was the slowest, least athletic person there and the teacher hated him with a burning passion. Of course that day the class was running the mile and the teacher didn’t warn them in advance, so the class was basically left to die in the freezing cold  and forced to run a mile. And if his luck wasn’t bad enough already, in all of the classes after gym he had tests to take and long homework assignments due that he didn’t do. When the day was over he hoped when he got home it would be better but something horrible happened.
On his way home, some eighth grade bullies  threw rocks that felt like a hailstorm raining down on him. The rocks made him crash his bike.  While he was on the ground, the bullies walked over and stood over him menacingly.  They called him offensive names, and then, to make things worse, they,popped his tires with bobby pins.  Joseph was upset and was forced to walk home with his bike by his side.
When he got home with tears running down his cheeks he told his parents about what had just happened and they laughed about what he told them. They thought it was a story he made up to get pity, but that's what they said about all of his school problems, even though the marks on him and the flat tires were a clear as day sign he was ambushed. Joseph, still upset, leaves his parents and goes into the kitchen where his sister had just walked in from school.  He looks at and tries say “Hi”, hoping to get a positive reaction.  He was mistaken.  She stared directly into his eyes and went directly to their parents new and very expensive vase and smashed it.
She ran into the other room to tell their parents that Joseph did it. Of course Joseph was in the wrong place at the wrong time. He was standing in the middle of the rubble trying to clean it up when he heard his parents scream at the top of their lungs. He could sort of make out what they were saying and he assumed they were yelling at his sister, but no. They were yelling at him because he “broke” the vase. He couldn’t believe it, he was framed by his own sister! His upcoming birthday party would be canceled and he would be grounded for 1 and half months for something he did not do. so a week and a half went by but it was finally the day before his birth day
It was a miserable week and a half until the day before his birthday where his parents would give him any gift or wish. His wish was for him to not being grounded, and thoroughly question his sister about what really happened with the vase. They thought about this idea at first because they thought it was a bit unrealistic but then they granted him his wish and his sister’s punishment was his sister got to pick 5 dolls from her vast collection and the rest were burned so she would never be able get them back. He had never seen this type of behavior from his parents maybe because she lied and broke something expensive. While this happened Joseph sat there and laughed because the bad things she’s done finally caught up to her. But he also felt kind of bad that he was enjoying her being absolutely miserable. Later that night she punched, kicked, scratched, and pulled Joseph’s hair. By the end Joseph had blood dripping down his body, scratches everywhere and he had a bald spot. How did his parents not notice this. All he did was rat her out to their parents.
The next day, the final bell of the day rang and Joseph ran out of the locker room straight up to his locker he got all his homework. He rushed home by bike, he could barely wait to be home he knew when he got home he would have gifts and banners and a special after school snack waiting because it was his birthday. But of course he overestimated his parents and comes home to his little spoiled sister and her friend giving him a cheesy homemade birthday card that ended up being a gag covered in glue and had a putrid stench. He ran up stairs and cried in his room with his face a bright shade of red because the lack of thought everyone put into his birthday. Then he heard the door open and he ran downstairs expecting cake and presents but it was even better.  His dad kicked out his sister's friend because part of her punishment from last night was she could not have any friends over. She started crying and thrashing he again felt glad that she got what she had coming to her but he also felt bad in a way because even though she was annoying he loved her because she was his sister after all.
Later that night the whole family came over and Joseph was showered with gifts and food. His sister sat there depressed because it wasn’t her birthday for another two weeks and she got nothing out of his birthday.He decided to be nice and gave her a bit of his extra cake as an offering to show that he forgave her for all the terrible things she’s done. But she was ungrateful and didn’t care at all about him so she threw it back at him because he forgot she hated chocolate. Then he realized life is what it is, he can’t do anything about it and he should just go with it and accept it, like he can’t fix his sisters meanness and couldn’t fix how neglectful his parents are to him.

Monday, November 2, 2015

Teaser for story

 It was a beautiful, sunny day at 7:30 AM and Joseph was almost late for school. He shoved his cereal in his mouth, he choked a bit, gulped down some milk, then rushed to his bike so he could go to school. Once he got to school there was a sign on the door that said “SCHOOL CLOSED SNOW DAY”.  But how? Maybe they mispredicted the weather, It was mostly clear and only a couple of clouds in the sky, but then it started snowing,  The snow fell harder and harder as the seconds went by.

I like this portion of my story because it introduces the character and how his life is

Tuesday, October 6, 2015

Scene vs summary homework 10/6/15

In the book Unwanteds Island of Silence, the author uses more scene's then summary's, because this book is more of a descriptive book rather than a book where there are long amounts of time are skipped constantly. The author would use summary when there is a long period of time where nothing very eventful or interesting happens. She often uses scenes to show interaction or a suspenseful moment. The author uses scene more effectively. I observed that in the chapter I was reading was that it was interaction between characters using dialog.